Conflict Support Process

Scope of this agreement:

1. We provide support to any conflict/complaint that comes out of an event listed on the NVC UK website.

(We encourage groups/ trainers to create their own agreements, make responses to conflicts, and we are there when more support is needed.)

2. We provide support to any NVC group, event or trainer in the UK building their own agreements and processes around conflict.

These first 6 steps are currently operational

1.       Initiate the process by filling in this brief form

2.       A member of Conflict Transformation Weave contacts you and has a first ‘triage’ discussion to see what response is necessary.  Note: If the issue involves someone in the CTW, someone outside of the issue will have this conversation. See here for current members of the CTW

3.       Initial support takes place (empathy, mediation, community circle)

4.       Is the issue resolved? If yes, the CTW will record the issue, and communicate to people involved

5.       If the issue isn’t resolved, there is a second ‘triage’ meeting. What’s necessary now after the initial support?

6. Further support takes place (Further dialogue, community circle, written acknowledgements of learning, other action steps)

6.       Is the issue resolved? If yes, the CTW will record the issue and communicate to people involved.

The next 2 steps are envisioned but are needing consent and input from the Network to make them operational

7.       If the issue isn’t resolved, a ‘Support Panel’ will be convened comprising 3 practitioners, who have not yet been involved in the situation, from within NVC UK network (and/or beyond if a different level of expertise is necessary). This Support Panel will invite statements from all involved, including any facilitators up to this point. The purpose of the Support Panel is to come to a decision around next steps and recommendations. Recommendations could include doing further training on an issue, or a particular form of acknowledgement from either party etc

8.       Statements are made to the community involved as required, recommendations are tracked, and case is closed.

These are the Pre-conditions for this whole process being operational

1.       Consult and get agreement from NVC practitioners on NVC UK website that this is how we will operate with conflict.

2.       This process is publicised on and

3.       Clarity and transparency about who is on CTW and NVC Matters website teams. If you have a complaint about a member of the CTW, this issue will be dealt with by someone who does not directly work with them.

4. We have an ongoing enquiry around confidentiality and transparency and how cases are logged and when they are communicated to community.

5. We develop and pilot the ‘Support Panel’.

6.       A sub-group from NVC UK network, is tasked with co-creating an Agreement of Ethics or Ethics Code, with extensive consultation throughout the network, using an Surveys (1: on Conflict process, 2: on Support Panel and Ethics Code) and Community Conversations.