Conflict Transformation Process

This is what you might expect if you want support for a conflict or complaint…

Scope of this process

  • We encourage groups/ trainers to create their own agreements, make responses to conflicts, and we are there when more support is needed.
  • We provide support to any NVC group, event or trainer in the UK building their own agreements and processes around conflict.
  • We provide support to any conflict/complaint that comes out of an event listed on the NVC UK website.

What to do next

Initiate the process by filling in this brief form

NB: If you have a complaint about a member of the CTW, this issue will be dealt with by someone who does not directly work with them.

Ongoing discussions

  • We have an ongoing enquiry around confidentiality and transparency and how cases are logged and when they are communicated to community.
  • We are in discussion around developing and piloting a ‘Support Panel’.
  • A sub-group from NVC UK network, is tasked with co-creating an Agreement of Ethics or Ethics Code, with extensive consultation throughout the network, using an Surveys (1: on Conflict process, 2: on Support Panel and Ethics Code) and Community Conversations.