Understanding Whiteness Study Group

Understanding Whiteness Study group After the Community Conversation on 19th November 2021, we will continue the journey of Understanding Whiteness in relation to our NVC practice, there will be a 6 month series of sessions to study and apply to our own contexts   Janet E Helms (2020) A Race is a Nice Thing to […]

Mentoring for Building Restorative Systems

Introduction The Conflict Transformation Weave has run the programme ‘Building Restorative Systems’ eight times now - and it’s developed enormously in scope and depth since our first six week offering. People have told us many times that the content is really valuable - and also that they would like support as they encourage their groups […]

£100 – £500

Requests to Restore Flow – Intermediate NVC training (2 x 3hr online sessions)

With this spotlight on Requests, we will look at how Requests in relation to your overall NVC practice and Support and Interdependence What challenges do you have when making requests and what are the conditions that make it challenging? When making requests is difficult or impossible, what other options do we have? How you can […]

Building Restorative Systems September – November 2022

Now 10 weeks - for extra practice!! Conflict is an inevitable part of life. Just thinking about it can send your heart rate soaring, create tension throughout your body, and hijack your ability to think calmly and logically… But what if you could transform that energy into something life-enriching? That’s what you’ll learn in this […]

£100 – £500

How to use NVC to support conversations around power and privilege (2 x 3hr sessions)

Andrea Serio Artist With this spotlight on Power, we will look at how NVC can support understanding about power and privilege (and also where it can get in the way!). We will strengthen the foundations of your NVC  practice  By acknowledging that in conversations around power and privilege, fears around disconnection or safety are high. […]