Building Restorative Systems September – November 2021 (with NVC Academy)

Now 10 weeks - for extra practice!! Conflict is an inevitable part of life. Just thinking about it can send your heart rate soaring, create tension throughout your body, and hijack your ability to think calmly and logically… But what if you could transform that energy into something life-enriching? That’s what you’ll learn in this […]

$365 – $570

How to use NVC to support conversations around power and privilege

With this spotlight on Power, we will look at how NVC can support conversations about power and privilege. We will Strengthen the foundations of your NVC  practice by practicing acknowledging all sets of needs in a situation practice expressing yourself connecting to needs, without blame or shame. Practice ‘scary honesty’ – (basically doing the above, […]

Transforming Conflict (4 X sessions UK time – Online)

  Conflict is inevitable. What matters is how we respond to it. This session will enable you to: feel more confident to communicate in conflict situations without blame, shame or judgement. take  inner  steps to transform conflict transform enemy images and humanise the other intervene safely in situations of conflict be more resourced in tense […]