Conflict Surgery – Every 1st Tuesday of the Month

Conflict Surgery Our aim is to provide support to any NVC group, event or trainer in the UK, or any Building Restorative Systems participant, to build their own agreements and processes around conflict. If you need: support with first steps in working restoratively in your groups help creating restorative agreements support facilitating a conflict come […]

Transforming Conflict – online – January 16th and 17th 2021

Due to Covid19, this Intermediate training will be online in 2 sessions: Saturday 16th January 10am – 1pm Sunday 17th January 10am – 1pm   Being online might not as enjoyable as being face to face, and there are also considerable challenges in relation to screen overwhelm and bodily well-being, and I will be making […]


Building Restorative Systems January – March 2021

Now 10 weeks - for extra practice!! Conflict is an inevitable part of life. Just thinking about it can send your heart rate soaring, create tension throughout your body, and hijack your ability to think calmly and logically… But what if you could transform that energy into something life-enriching? That’s what you’ll learn in this […]

£100 – £500

Intergenerational trauma in the age of covid

Intergenerational Trauma in the Age of Coronavirus: Haiti, New Orleans, & the African Diaspora. Examples, recovery and healing About this Event Queen Nzingha lecture 91. This presentation will highlight the psychological effects of generations of structural racism on African people in America, the Caribbean and beyond. Special focus will be on the additive effect of […]