Responding to Conflict Map

First of all, watch this short video of the 3 levels of our NVC UK map to respond to conflict.

The Three Levels of Response are:

  1. LOCAL RESPONSES Each group/camp/weave/trainer/training team (BLUE CIRCLES) have agreements, processes and structures in place (GREEN TRIANGLES) to mitigate and meet conflict that arises.

For example, complaints/conflict procedure in place.

NVC practitioners do Building Restorative Systems sessions and ongoing support

360 degree feedback processes

Supervision for trainers

Peer support for trainers

CPD / trainings on Power, Privilege, Diversity, Inclusion and Trauma-informed practice

Agreement that trainers do not have sexual connections with participants for at least 3 months after completing a training. (see Appendix). Request to circulate this in groups every 3 months.

Some processes might be collective, some agreements might be completely unique to a context and they mitigate conflict on the local level.

The CTW would also like to see a Code of ethics (co-created and signed up to by NVC practitioners)

2. CTW support for when local agreements / resources have been exhausted. (PINK DOTTED CIRCLE)

3.     Further and deeper support eg


community circles

restorative circles

community discussions

empathy for healing

(PINK CIRCLES INSIDE THE DOTTED CIRCLE) We imagine many trainers across the network can be involved in this as necessary utilising all skills and resources within the NVC community.

When a conflict process does not support reconciliation, there needs to be further support. We would like to see an introduction of an Ethics or Elders Panel as a place for such situations.