Sample Complaints policy and procedure for NVC facilitators

If you are an NVC practitioner, make sure you have a Complaints Policy and Procedure.

Guidance Notes for Creating your own Complaints Process

Consider these questions as you write your policy. You may want to include the answers as part of the policy or use them to help you work out what you want to include. You can use this in conjunction with the Sample complaints policies below.

  1. What is your purpose and intention in having a Complaints Policy?
  2. What needs would it meet for you to have a process in place?
  3. What will you call your policy?
  4. Are you open to ALL feedback, as something that can help you learn and grow? 
  5. What support will you need if someone makes a complaint about you? What will you do if you experience something as challenging to hear?
  6. What should people do first if they want to raise an issue with you?
  7. What if they are not comfortable contacting you directly?
  8. How will you respond if you receive a complaint?
  9. Does your policy offer a step by step description of how the process will work?
  10. Are there any gaps that someone could fall through?
  11. What happens if you cannot work it out with the person to the satisfaction of both of you?
  12. Are you aware of the next steps of support from CTW if you cannot work things out with the person directly and if you are a certified trainer, do you want to let people know that they could contact CNVC?

Here are some more suggestions for ways to include important points

Purpose and Principles of this Policy You can include something like

  • To support clear, respectful acknowledgement of your dissatisfaction with my services
  • To support fair, fast, timely and transparent movement through any complaints
  • ​To support a resolution process that is supportive of all parties.

Personal message
You can write what it means to you to be able to respond effectively to complaints and anything else that gives your policy a personal touch.


If you are an NVC practitioner who advertises events on the NVC UK website, you can copy and paste the following, adding your own contact details.

If you are dissatisfied in any way with any service you receive from me, including workshops, events and one to one sessions,

1.   Get some support 
As our practice is NVC, which is a community based practice of mutual support, please see if you have capacity to get some support from another member in the NVC UK network (an empathy buddy or someone else you feel comfortable with) to help you get clear about your needs.

2.   Contact me
Contact me with your complaint. (Or ask a friend or support person to contact me.)  Please let me know your complaint by email (add your email or however you want to receive it). Please put the word ‘Complaint’ in the subject header. 

​If necessary, we will have a conversation for me to hear your complaints and find a resolution of the issue. If you are satisfied. this is the end of the process.

If at the end of this process, you are not satisfied with the outcome

3.   Contact CTW
Also if you do not feel comfortable talking directly to me about this, please contact the Conflict Transformation Weave directly who will follow this procedure.

Examples of Complaints Procedures

Tracy Seed

Penny Spawforth

Ceri Buckmaster