Conflict Transformation Weave (in the UK)

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We are a group of NVC practitioners who help NVC communities to pre-empt and respond to conflicts, by building internal agreements, developing skills and increasing resilience. We offer conflict transformation support when groups have done what they can and realise they need further support in order to move towards connection.

If you need support for a conflict within the NVC network in the UK, visit the CONFLICT SUPPORT PROCESS here.

About the CTW

The Conflict Transformation Weave began in 2016 as a response to Centre for Nonviolent Communication’s (CNVC) exploration to restructure itself, in which the New Futures Plan (NFP) was created, which recommended groups of ‘Weaves’ fulfilling various functions and interweaving to create an interconnected, global organisation.

This way of organising made sense to us, and we had witnessed the need for the NVC UK network to find more effective and systematic ways of responding to conflict, so we began the journey of creating agreements and upskilling ourselves and the network to think more systemically about the tensions which divide us.

The CTW began at the Annual Gathering of NVC trainers in the UK in November 2016, an initiative which has run yearly since then and when the website was launched. You can see our reports and discussions at the gathering here. 2019 2018 2017

The vision of the Conflict Transformation Weave (CTW) is a vibrant world, full of robust and resilient relationships, in which we step towards each other and grow from conflict.

Our mission is to pre-empt and transform conflict within the NVC UK network, in order to strengthen the potential of NVC to support social change.

Our purpose is to support people in NVC networks in the UK to live NVC consciousness when conflict arises.

Current members of the CTW are: Jo McHale, Sarah Ludford, Ceri Buckmaster, Viv Slack, Dany Schirmer and Sibongile Pradhan

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