Community Conversations

Community conversations are a chance to come together as an NVC-UK community and delve into juicy topics, hear and appreciate different perspectives, and invite ourselves and the collective to grow through the experience.

Community conversations emerged from CTW as we reflected on pre-empting conflict, seeing how unspoken conversations can lead to misundertanding and disconnection. We were excited by the idea of bringing the NVC-UK community to connect across differences, practice living nvc consciousness, and enjoy some time together discussing things that matter to us.

See below for upcoming & previous community conversations, and please let us know if you have other topics you would like to explore.

Upcoming Events

  • NVC supervision – date TBC (contact Jo McHale if interested)
  • NVC and social change – date TBC (contact Viv if interested)
  • Ethics in NVC-UK – date TBC (contact Ceri if interested)

A live document with status and more info on events in planning is available to view here. If there are topics you would like to see added, or to host, please contact Viv at

Previous Events