Community Conversations

What are Community Conversations?

Community conversations are a chance to come together as an NVC-UK community and delve into juicy topics, hear and appreciate different perspectives, and invite ourselves and the collective to grow through the experience. These conversations…

  • are ‘Outward looking’ and engaging with the challenges facing us
  • are responding to need, interest and aliveness of the NVC community
  • are responsive to and raising awareness of what is topical and emergent in the world
  • have a clear, sustainable structure
  • are open to anyone in NVC UK network and aim to contribute to greater connectivity in the network

Community conversations emerged from CTW as we reflected on pre-empting conflict, seeing how unspoken conversations can lead to misunderstanding and disconnection. We were excited by the idea of bringing the NVC-UK community to connect across differences, practice living nvc consciousness, and enjoy some time together discussing things that matter to us.

See below for upcoming & previous community conversations, and more information. Let us know if you have topics you want to explore.

Upcoming Events

Community Conversations on Gender Identity


We want to create a space for generative conversations around gender identity and trans inclusion to support increased understanding and an alternative to a ‘who is right’ debate. 

The labels and language used in discussions of gender identity are  painful, polarising and continue the cycles of disconnection. On mainstream media, participants are selected to create the most polarised opinions. 

We want to offer an embodied experience, a different way of hearing what’s important and what’s painful for people. We want to create an experience of mutual understanding, greater togetherness and collective power. We want a sense of progress and greater awareness of the pain of this polarisation and a greater commitment to having this conversation differently.

This is currently an ongoing project and not a one off event. See more here.

Previous Events

Catch up on what happened at our previous community conversations here…

More about Community Conversations

There are several types of Community Conversation we envisage…

  • Conversations where there are different perspectives – to increase connection and preempt conflict, including debrief conversations to integrate events
  • Book / film / podcast discussions – to increase awareness and deepen understanding around conflict, nonviolence or social justice
  • Conversations about conflict processes – to share resources and increase learning
  • Community generated conversations – to bring people together where there is energy around a topic or suggestion ?

A live document with status and more info on events in planning is available to view here. If there are topics you would like to see added, or to host one yourself, please contact Ceri at