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Support Space: Black Joy – White envy

The monthly Support space for white people unlearning racism continues Thursday May 25th 5.30-7pm

Theme:  Black Joy: White Envy

This space is for NVC practitioners, whether you are beginning your journey with NVC or you have been practicing it for decades.

This month we will explore what comes up in our bodies reading this article on ‘Black Joy’ in the pursuit of racial justice and notice disconnection, defensiveness, reaction, envy … and particularly invite enquiry into how behavioural patterns based on envy can show up in our white-bodied ways.  

Empathy and constructive challenge is encouraged. 

Here is zoom link,  or contact for more info. 

About Unlearning Racism for white NVC practitioners

Unlearning Racism is a support space for white people interested in NVC and we meet monthly. Info here

It is co-held under the umbrella of pre-emptive work by the Conflict Transformation Weave.

For those of you who are interested in conflict facilitation, understanding systemic issues such as explicit and internalised racism, class, gender inequality, neurodivergence and physical mobility and how different aspects of these identities ‘intersect’ (or ‘crossroad’ each other) is essential.

It’s also essential as a facilitator to have a sense of how your own social identities impact and inform your experience (who can you easily empathise with and who not, as just one example) and a sense of how other people experience you as you show up in all the glory of the intersecting features of your identity.