Conflict Transformation Weave fundraiser

The Conflict Transformation Weave (CTW) has a mission to pre-empt and transform conflict within the NVC UK network, in order to strengthen the potential of NVC to support social change.

You can contribute to our ‘Creating resilient relationships and a vibrant world’ fundraiser HERE

We are passionate and committed to this mission, and behind the scenes a lot of ongoing work is needed to support this to happen. We need to raise funds so that we can continue to offer this work, supporting people in NVC networks in the UK to live NVC consciousness when conflict arises.

Contributing to this fundraiser will allow us to continue to…

TRANSFORM Offer conflict transformation support that is free at the point of use

PRE-EMPT Offer spaces that build conflict resilience such as Community Conversations

OUTREACH Engage with NVC practice groups and people hosting events to support them in creating local conflict agreements

SUPPORT Offer conflict surgery events for people who are supporting conflicts

SUSTAIN Cover the sustainability costs for our team for all the behind the scenes work

You can read more about our vision, mission and purpose here .