Case Work Confidentiality Policy

Information shared with CTW as part of conflict case work will be kept confidential to CTW

Only those people whose roles mean that they are directly involved with your case will know your names. Other people within CTW may be consulted about the case but your name will be kept confidential

Roles who will have knowledge of confidential information

  1. Owner of NVC UK googledrive (unlikely to access the files)
  2. Conflict Surgery lead (ONLY if you come via our Conflict Surgery)
  3. Conflict Support Lead
  4. Case Facilitators of each case


Each case is recorded via a Case Log which has a detachable ‘cover sheet’ that has the confidential info on (ie the main Log has parties coded as eg 4A = case 4 party A).

These records are stored in the NVC-UK Googledrive

There will be a folder for closed case notes which will only be accessible to the Conflict Support Lead and the owner of Owner of NVC UK googledrive.

Records are retained for seven years

All role holders have agreed to GDPR guidelines

Case Reviews

Case reviews involve other members of CTW. Case reviews are important so we can continue to develop our systems and learn from experience.  Names will not be disclosed during case reviews. Cases will be referred to via case number and party 1 / party 2 etc.

What information do we share once the case is closed and with whom? 

It is important for the outcomes of our conflict work to be shared in ways that respect confidentiality. We want people to know that we offer support and one way for them to discover this is to hear about cases we have worked on. We want to normalise conflict and the potential for restorative approaches. We also want for people who’ve been involved/impacted but are not key parties to know that a process has taken place so that they can have a sense of closure.

Information to be sharedWith whomExceptionsNotes
CTW have had some input and the case is now closedAnyone who has been named and contacted as part of a case (by having at least one conversation with CTW). Anyone who has worked on the caseReferral agency (if applicable)
Agreed outcomes and actionsAnyone who was part of the conversation during which outcomes and actions were reached‘Key Participants’Anyone else, by agreement, who key participants want the information to be shared withWe will always consult with participants before sharing information and will be guided by them
Participant comments about the process (asked for at end of case i.e on a feedback form) if appropriateWider NVC UK CommunityThis would link into our system building and would be a way to let the wider community know about some of the work we are doing to build confidence in walking towards conflict. Comments can be anonymous or credited. Please note: we are not currently doing this and hope to formalise a way of gathering feedback soon
Annual report (Number of cases we have worked on during the year and outcomes??)Wider NVC UK CommunityNVC Matters CIC

Breaking Confidentiality

In certain circumstances we may need to break confidentiality.

Information to be sharedWith whomExceptionsNotes
Concerns about the practice of a trainer listed on NVC-UK.comWhich role in website circle who else might it be shared with?In certain circumstances if NVC Matters CIC is likely to be affected by the actions of a trainer who is advertising on their website we have a duty of care to share information with them.
If we consider that someone is in danger or the law is being broken. we may choose to notify the police or some other agency.Police or other agencies As we may have people from all over the UK here is a list of agencies that may be of use.