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Community Conversations: Gender Identity


We want to create a space for generative conversation around gender identity and trans inclusion to support increased understanding and an alternative to a ‘who is right’ debate. 

The labels and language used in discussions of gender identity are  painful, polarising and continue the cycles of disconnection. On mainstream media, participants are selected to create the most polarised opinions. 

We want to offer an embodied experience, a different way of hearing what’s important and what’s painful for people. We want to create an experience of mutual understanding, greater togetherness and collective power. We want a sense of progress and greater awareness of the pain of this polarisation and a greater commitment to having this conversation differently.

We have shifted from our original idea of two events in January/February 2023 around this and instead will have several conversations over a longer time period. We acknowledge that everyone has a different relationship to this discussion, with various degrees of painful impact. We want to find a more healing way forward. 

We have several participants so far – a trans male; a woman concerned about the impact of gender questioning on teenage girls; and a cis male parent of a young trans woman; a woman concerned that the essence of feminism is under threat (descriptions based on how participants self identify). 

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