NVC and social change

Fri 17th September 7-9pm: How do I use NVC to create the social change I want to see in the world?

We asked this question in solidarity with Certification Candidates who answer this as part of their certification process. It’s also a question that feels important to keep asking throughout our NVC journeys. 

  • What is the change you want to see? 
  • What is it important to be doing right now? 
  • What will deepen our lives and our connections to one another and the web of life? 
  • What are our options for integrity in a time of collapsing systems and civilisations and the threat of extinction?  
  • How do we choose where to put our energies? 
  • What if we have low capacity or ill health? 
  • How can our practice of NVC support all of this?


Here are some key themes that stood out…

There is clarity that our practice of NVC can help us in the deeper shift necessary between the collapsing paradigm, rooted in separation,  and the world we are all working towards. 

NVC can support us to work with both/and, win-win, all needs mattering and moving beyond othering, and yet there is a vagueness in how to do this collectively and as a movement beyond the interpersonal level. What would this look like? What projects would we focus on? How do we get from here to there?

There was acknowledgement that those of us working within the framework of NVC Matters are doing vital work to create foundations that can bring NVC to more people in the UK, and give us a platform to have more impact.

There is a wish to keep including more around anti-racism and overcoming patriarchy as part of nvc-uk community.

For full notes from the event see our harvesting document here.