Community conversation Responding to War

Community Conversation: Responding to the Russian War on Ukraine


The Conflict Transformation Weave and Laura Harvey welcome you to a space to explore personal and collective responses to the Ukraine/Russian/Current global crisis.

After an introduction, we will break out according to whether you are needing:

 a)   space for empathy

b)   space to grieve

c) space to understand the situation/ talk about it / share perspective

d) space for prayer/meditation

e) other


If anyone is involved in responses to the current crisis which you would like to talk about for 3-4 minutes at the beginning of the session, please get in touch with  Laura Harvey or Viv Slack  , who will curate a brief sharing session in the opening 20 mins or so of the call. Your actions/information may be useful for all of us as we orient ourselves to this crisis.


Here are several helpful discussions/workshops about the crisis.

Professor Paul Rogers from Bradford University and invited by Peace News to  gave an overview of the Ukraine crisis and how we got here. 

Demilitarise U – US veterans for peace organisation share perspectives on propaganda and misleading narratives, the dangers of US militarized intervention and how we got to this place

Russian invasion shows risks of fossil fuel addiction – Democracy Now. Highlights the links of this crisis to fossil fuel extraction and transportation.

If you have other resources, please add here.