Building Restorative Systems

8 week series – online

Conflict is an inevitable part of life.

Just thinking about it can send your heart rate soaring, create tension throughout your body, and hijack your ability to think calmly and logically… But what if you could transform that energy into something life-enriching?

That’s what you’ll learn in this eye-opening course with the Conflict Transformation Weave of NVC UK network.

For the past three years, these trainers have been pursuing a joint dream: that every NVC community has embedded within it a restorative approach to responding to conflict. Their offerings have attracted interest from around the world, and they’re now deeply excited to be able to offer their approach to you.

During this course, you’ll learn about the importance of system building, including:

  • The set-up and maintenance of a system
  • How to harness the buy-in and energy of key people in a community
  • Developing a mindset that embraces conflict

You will also practice skills needed to:

  • Set up, support, and facilitate dialogue, mediations, and restorative circles
  • Stay grounded and calm in the presence of intense pain and hurt, anger, and   disappointment
  • Guide people towards making agreements that will help restore broken relationships and much more.

If you’re intrigued by the thought of feeling confident when facing any kind of conflict – if you’d love to see a working restorative system that belongs to your community – or if you’d enjoy owning the skills you’d need to set up and implement a restorative system for your community, please join the CTW for this richly transformational series.


We invite financial contributions of £75-£400 for the series. We will contact you with ways of doing this once you have registered.

Please Register Here


Conflict Surgery – Every 1st Tuesday of the month

There is a Dual Purpose of  the Conflict Surgery

1.To provide ‘triage’/initial support for any conflict/complaint that arises during an event listed on the NVC UK website.

You are welcome to ask for support if you:

  • have been a participant in an event and have a complaint or are dissatisfied in some way with what happened (please first check out the conflict agreement of the event if they have one)
  • are the trainer/facilitator/organiser of an event that has stimulated or has been the context for some conflict or  complaint

We will discuss the complaint/conflict and see what next steps are possible. This is Stage 2 in the Conflict process.

To make this conflict support  a sustainable and co-responsible initiative, it is important that everyone who lists an event on NVC-UK has in place an agreement for responding to conflict that is appropriate to the event listed.

If you need help with that, this is the second purpose of the Conflict Surgery ….

2. To provide support to any NVC group, event or trainer in the UK to build their own agreements and processes around conflict.

In addition to this support, we strongly suggest you and your teams attend our 8 week conflict resilience training, Building Restorative Systems 




If either Point 1 or Point 2 seem like what you need just now then you are welcome to attend the Conflict Surgery.


What to do if you want to come

Note that the conflict surgery runs every 1st Tuesday of the month, 7pm – 8.30pm UK time, and it will be held on Zoom. 

Email and state whether you need:

1) Initial support for a conflict, or

2) Support creating your conflict agreements in your group/practice.

We will then send you a zoom link.

Knowing the nature of your request  will help us try to provide support for everyone.

Depending on the number of people seeking support, we will use breakout rooms and several conflict supporters if necessary.

The conflict surgery is free at point of use. We are exploring ways of funding our work for the ongoing sustainability of this support.